Art Department

Our dynamic team are experienced to ensure that the design for your label is exactly as you have envisaged with all specifications correct for our printers. Before any label design goes to print we run pre-press checks to ensure it’s set up correctly, that all embellishments are correctly layered and that it meets the relevant labelling standards for its market.

Label Design Guidance

We can liaise with your preferred label designer to ensure that the design they created for your label will work with the specifications and embellishments you’ve chosen. We can also advise on which particular elements of the design would work well and look the best as a foil, emboss, grain or varnish finish.

Label Design Changes

Although we don’t offer a full label design service, we are able to make minor changes to elements of a design as required including text changes, adjusting the position of elements, reshaping and more.

If you’ve had a label designed in the past but want to see it come alive or stand out, we are also able to work with the design to suit your current needs.


Sometimes it’s hard to visualise what a particular foil, emboss or high build screen will actually look like once it’s applied to the label. For this, we can do any embellishment so that you can see the actual effects of how they enhance the design. This allows you to then make any final decisions about minor changes to the design to ensure it captures the vision of the label you want for your product.

Bar Codes

Need a bar code added? Not a problem. We’re fully up to date with all the latest bar coding systems.

Software & Specifications

There are a few specifications that we need when working with you on your label design:

  • Our preferred method of artwork is from Adobe Illustrator, however we can accept from a range of other programs.
  • All images are saved as JPEG or TIFF files.
  • Images have a resolution of 300dpi as a minimum.
  • Supply all fonts (or text should be outlined), .eps files and any other relevant electronic files.
  • Your artwork design template should be the same size as your proposed finished label design.
  • Be sure to include the label dimensions on your design. This includes trim marks and cutter shape and we recommend allowing a 2mm margin for any ink bleed.
  • Clear indication of the elements that are to be embellished with grain, gloss, spot gloss, foil, varnish, etc.
  • Artwork visuals should be supplied for colour separations with all other components marked.

With our experience and expertise in making label designs work, there is nothing standing in the way of making your label vision possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions about design or pre-press requirements.

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