At Label Partners we pride ourselves on utilising and investing in state of the art technology and machinery.

Our printers use, what is known in the industry as, a ‘short web path’ and without going into the technical details, it basically means less waste, faster running times and quicker turnarounds for you.

We are proud to offer our clients cost effective and environmentally friendly label printing technologies.

our label printing machines

Gallus ECS 340

8 Colour Flexographic Press

Gallus ECS 340 label printing press
Gallus ECS 340

This flexo graphic printer is our largest press offering the ability to print 8 colours on a shorter web pass, which ultimately means less wastage. This press produces high quality labels with an unsurpassed focus to detail, even on the most finest of lines. This press is also 100% recyclable, meaning that at the end of its life it can be recycled, reducing our footprint on the environment.

  • High quality
  • Exceptional register and detail
  • Cold Foil
  • Option to reverse print on back labels
  • Laminating capabilities to protect label from moisture

Srmag Galaxie SGV 350

4 Colour Flexographic Printing and Finishing

This flexographic printing press has been specifically designed for high-end labels and offers the latest finishing technologies. The press can deliver a number of exceptional label options and embellishments including high build screens, embossing, varnishing and hot foil stamping.

HP Indigo WS6800

Digital Press

The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press was installed in November 2017, enabling Label Partners to print any quantity of labels (from small to large runs) in a simple, productive and cost-effective manner. This press eliminates the need for tooling, and enables an all-digital end to end production, resulting in high quality labels produced in a short time period in the most cost-effective way possible.

The digital press not only prints CMYK, but has an additional 3 spot colours in the same pass.  We can also run your labels through the other presses, which means we can add other label options and embellishments to our client’s labels.

  • High quality detail able to be printed on uncoated stocks
  • 4 colour image
  • Cost effective for small runs

Prati Vega Plus

One of the fastest printers in its class, this 2-colour printing press and finishing machine ensures that each job is finished at record speed. This press is used for production of blank labels and basic 2 colour labels.

  • Predominantly used for supermarket labels
  • 2 colour and blank labels

Roto Control EDM 200

Over Printer

This powerhouse printer saves our clients considerable money with its ability to over-print on bases produced on the Gallus or Smag Galaxie press. A batch of base labels are printed and stored at Label Partners and then as required varietal or specific information is printed onto the base label. This process enables the fastest turnaround possible, along with considerable cost savings.

  • Cost effective for clients
  • Make minor changes quickly and easily
  • Enables cost-effective short-run printing

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