Knives & Dies

Knives and dies are used to cut your label into a chosen shape and can be used on a variety of materials including:

  • Paper
  • Foil
  • Board
  • Plastic
  • Tape
  • Foam
  • Rubber

This process takes place on a flatbed press where the knives and dies are lowered onto your label material (that is lying flat on the bed). The process can also take place on a rotary press where the knives and dies are mounted on a cylinder that rotates as it cuts your label material.

We currently hold over 14,000 knives and dies in stock so it’s very likely we have the exact one needed for your label. If not, we can easily and happily order one in specifically for you, which only takes a couple of days.
Please contact us for more information or if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, request a quote.

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