Paper Stocks

At Label Partners we have put extensive research into our lines of paper stocks and are proud to carry some great options for you to consider when creating your design.

Coated label paper stocks

When choosing a paper stock you will need to take into consideration the product it is for as well as the embellishments that will complement the label.

There are also options which include scuff resistance and water resistance, coated and uncoated or a combination.

We will discuss all of this information with you to ensure we have the best quality label for you.

Contact us with any queries about our paper stocks.

Below is a brief outline about each of our paper stock options:

Coated paper stocks

A versatile and economic paper type that is compatible with a wide range of embellishments.

Coated paper stocks are used for many of our products including white wine. It allows the bottles of wine to be emerged in ice buckets and still be highly resistant and not label lift.

We keep the following paper in stock for immediate use:

  • Mirrorkote
  • Verdure Lustre Premium
  • Cast Gloss
  • Polypropylene

Uncoated stocks

Used mainly on premium range products, uncoated stocks are a stylish option for any brand.

We keep the following uncoated paper stocks on hand ready for your immediate use:

  • Cotone Bianco
  • Estate 8
  • Estate 4
  • Tintoretto Gesso
  • Super White Opaque
  • Sable Blanc
  • Polar White


A ‘POEM’ paper stock can be best described as ‘semi-coated’ and is ideal for certain applications. Have a chat with us to see if it’s right for your needs.

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